Mathias & Isabelle

A few weeks ago my wife and I started to investigate what would be involved in replacing our single glass windows with double gazed windows in the front of our house in Perth. We had 3 main reasons 1) reducing the noise level from outside 2) reducing the visibility from outside and 3) controlling the heat/cold flow during winter and summer. Coming originally from a country which is known for its precision and high quality (Germany) we started our research and compared many products and got several first quotes. In the end we chose Vison Double Glazing which offer a product manufactured with German based precision. Mark from Vison Double Glazing came to our house and gave us a really competent first information during a 1:1 conversation. We were able to ask all our questions and concerns which he answered in a professional, competent and honest way. We could see his long year experience in this business as he was able to offer quickly additional solutions/options whenever we had extra wishes. We had our first quote the same day in the email box. It was a lovely experience to see that after a short negotiation the price was fixed. Mark is a man of his word, he stuck with the price that was accepted, there were absolutely no hidden costs. A short time later Mark announced his coming 1 week prior to the day when he would install the new window. Again, that very morning on the minute he arrived and it was a pleasure to see him working. He did an amazing job by removing the old windows and replacing them with our new Argon gas filled double glazed windows. In the afternoon the job was finished, everything inside and outside the house was left behind clean and the new windows just look great. The little extras that Mark suggested (stronger glass for higher noise reduction) fully pay out, we now sleep amazingly well! I want to note that Mark is not only a competent and very trustworthy handyman, he is also fun to have around, not obtrusive but an open minded communication partner, which makes the whole business very pleasant. We have no reservation at all to recommend Mark and Vision Double Glazing, he did a marvellous job at our house Butler